I composed the hymns listed on this page (since 1978) as I have prepared worship services and sermons using the scriptures of the Revised Common Lectionary.  Worship aids using the Revised Common Lectionary may also be found at the website The United Methodist Board of Discipleship.

Below is the alphabetical listing of hymns.   No special software or plug-ins are required. Each hymn can be heard as an mp3, viewed as a png graphic and downloaded as a pdf. Click here to see and hear these hymns as applied to the Revised Common Lectionary.

  1. A Beautiful Vineyard
  2. Advent Candles In Our Worship
  3. Angel Voices In A Dream
  4. Apostles Say, "Increase Our Faith"
  5. As Long As the Earth Endures
  6. As We Serve Our Holy Savior
  7. Before the Mountains Had Been Shaped
  8. Behold, Lift Your Eyes, Sing Your Praise
  9. Behold! The Day of Judgment Comes
  10. Behold the Lamb of God
  11. Behold the Wonder of Our God
  12. Blessed Jesus Taught Us How to Pray
  13. Blessings Come from God on High
  14. Christ is the Vine
  15. Christ the Lord Does Love Us!
  16. Christ, The Shepherd of the Sheep
  17. Come Fill Us Holy Spirit
  18. Come, Jesus, Tell Us Who You Are
  19. Come, O God of Strength and Glory
  20. Come See the Child in the Manger
  21. Come Up to Me, Moses
  22. Disciples Sitting in a Room
  23. Do Not Tell Us You Must Suffer
  24. Enraptured By a Bush of Flame
  25. From All the Earth, O People of God
  26. From East and West, From North and South
  27. From God Has Great Abundance Come
  28. From His Home in Galilee
  29. God Calls the World to Follow
  30. God Came From Heaven to Earth
  31. God is Our Ruler
  32. God Loved Us So
  33. God Saved the World
  34. God's Steadfast Love Breaks Forth
  35. God's Word Is Written On Our Hearts
  36. God Who Watches All the Sparrows
  37. Go Tell John What You Hear and See
  38. Go Wash in the Waters
  39. Good Stewards We Are Called to Be
  40. Hanna's Song
  41. Have You Not Known This and Have You Not Heard
  42. Here He Comes into Our City
  43. Herein We Dwell, A Kingom to Build
  44. He Said, "Get Into the Boat"
  45. He Went to Him Begging
  46. Holy Spirit, Come Upon Us
  47. How Shall We Pray in the House of God?
  48. How Shall We Love Our Sovereign God?
  49. I Am Tempted, O Jesus
  50. I Go Up to the Mountaintop
  51. In the Days of Prophets
  52. In the Darkness of the Temple
  53. In the Lord's Service
  54. In What Ways Shall We Answer God?
  55. John the Baptist
  56. Just As God Called Moses
  57. Let Not Your Hearts Be Troubled, Now
  58. Let Us All Drink from the Water of Life
  59. Let Us Praise God's Wondrous Name
  60. Lo, The Stone Is Rolled Away
  61. Lo, When the King of Glory Comes
  62. Lord, Give Us Meaning In All That We Do
  63. Love Fulfills the Law of God
  64. Make Straight the Desert Path for God
  65. Next Week's the Sunday
  66. No One Knows When the Lord Will Come
  67. O Come, Divine Salvation
  68. O Fountain of Our Advent Hope
  69. O, Give Us Faith Like Abraham's
  70. O Living Christ, Come Walk with Us
  71. O Righteous Judge
  72. O Sing to God a New Song
  73. Only Shepherds
  74. Our Lord Sent Forth a Prophet
  75. Out of the Darkness We Call on You, Lord!
  76. Powers of Heaven Now Rejoice!
  77. Praise God in Zion Unceasing!
  78. Praise God, Who Even at Our Darkest Hour
  79. Praise to the Holy Spirit
  80. Praise to the Living Word of God
  81. Rejoice with Me for I Have Found
  82. Repent and Receive God's Forgiveness!
  83. Saint Peter Drew a Sword for Him
  84. See Him Riding on a Donkey!
  85. See This Valley of Old Dry Bones
  86. Sing a New Song
  87. Sleeper, Awake!
  88. So, the Time Is Now Complete
  89. Supremely Reigns God's Majesty
  90. The Family Went to Worship God
  91. The Lord Came Into Jerusalem
  92. The Lord Has Called Us All to Faith
  93. The Lord Has Filled the Universe with Good
  94. The Love of God is Glorified
  95. The Mountain of the House of God
  96. The One Whose Name Is Love
  97. The Sovereign Has A Mission
  98. The Peace of God Has Come to Us
  99. The Peace of God Is Given To Us All
  100. The Place of God's Abode
  101. The Spirit of the Lord Came Down
  102. The Waning of the Wedding Wine
  103. There a Fresh Wind Blowing in this Place
  104. This Planet Is God's
  105. To the One Who Leads Us Onward
  106. To Those in Darkness' Gloom
  107. "Truly," Jesus Said, "Truly!"
  108. Walk at Our Side Through These Forty Days
  109. We Have A Great Redeemer
  110. We're Building a House
  111. We've Come Here Looking for Jesus
  112. What Are the Signs in the Sun and Moon?
  113. What New Teachings has God Given?
  114. When He Came into the City
  115. When Our Need Is Great
  116. When the Shadows Spread their Gloom
  117. Where is the Place of Wisdom?
  118. Who Are We
  119. Who Is This Boy
  120. Who Is This That We Have Pierced?
  121. Why We Can't Wait
  122. Words of Sickness, Words of Death
  123. Yet Even Now Return
  124. You Give Us Life, Creative Word


Hymns as Introits or for Parting:

  1.  God Who Has Touched Us
  2.  Hear the Word of God this Holy Day
  3. We Meet Together In This Place
  4.  May the Lord Mighty God

A Church Camp Song:
    1.  Fellowship With Friends 

In my work as a United Methodist pastor over the past 35 years I have been writing poetry and hymns for the scriptures of the Revised Common Lectionary, a three-year list of scriptures that is being used by The United Methodist Church, The United Presbyterian Church, The United Church of Christ, the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America, the American Baptist Church, the Roman Catholic Church, and other denominations.

As I continue to write these hymns I am careful to use inclusive language and use the best biblical interpretation I can muster.

This continues to be a work in progress.  I would be happy to hear from you as you look at these hymns.

Rev. Paul G. Donelson
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