Other Parts of the Christmas Story
Hannah's Song of Praise
Just Say "Yes!"
Playing by the Rules
The Greatest
Just Pray Harder!
Willimon on Health Care Reform
An American Christian Heresy
Thinking of God
Clergy, Reverend, Pastor, etc.
Mysteries of the Universe
Had Enough, Already?
No Exceptions
Get Up and Go with the Flow!
The Radical Teachings of John
What To Do For An Encore
Church: Practice What Is Preached
The First Apostle
Palm Sunday is Passion Sunday
Easter Breakfast Poem
You Were Dead
Environment for Ministry?
Neither Despised nor Abhorred
Lent: What It Is, What To Do
Luke 4:16-30 - A Poem
Hospitable Is Good. Radical is Bad?
Anyone Want to Loan Out a Kid?
We Sing Our Faith in Our Hymns

From Mar. - Dec., 2008
Hung Up on the Rules?
Another Christmas List?
The Coming of the Messiah
What Are the Signs
Judging Between Sheep and Sheep


Planning Ahead
Taking on the Golden Calf
First an Architectural Layout
Do Nothing from Selfish Ambition
A Word about the Word
Seventy-Seven Times
Love Does No Wrong to a Neighbor
Get Out of Town!
Dogs Eat Crumbs
The Twelve Curses
Wrestling and Anguish
Stuff  vs. Stuff
Set Free
The Light Still Shines
The Things God Does for Us!
Alive to God
Smug or Hug?
Antinomianism & Keeping the Faith
The Power of the Story
Don't Be Paralyzed by Fear
Go Make Disciples of All Nations
The Birthday of "Mother"
What Does the Ascension Mean?
Serving an "Unknown God"
Going Beyond Milk
The Ideal Church
Worshiping with Jesus

Peace! Pax! Shalom!

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