Patterns for Christian Symbols

Download these patterns by right clicking on a picture and saving it to your computer in a directory that you have created for that purpose.  You may also open them directly into any word or graphics processor, like Paint or PaintShop Pro, etc.  These ancient Christian symbols are often seen in church worship design, including Chrismons, needlepoint, embroidery, posters, wall hangings, etc.  Please note: I do not run a mail order house!  Use your computer to download the designs from this page.  That what computers are for!

See explanations of these symbols and how they might look in color by clicking here.

If you find this list of Christian symbols to be helpful, you might consider sending a small donation to me (suggested $10.00) -- Paul G. Donelson, 403 Brenot Court, Blissfield, MI  49228.  Making these available took me a lot of time doing research, drawing the symbols, and putting them into files.  Your support is appreciated.



Ascension Lutheran Church, Danville, VA,   holds the copyright on the word "Chrismons".  It was given to them by Mrs. Frances Spencer, who originated the concept and brought it to fruition in that church in 1957.  Please note that this web site ( is not related to the one at the Ascension Lutheran Church of Danville, VA in any way.  Their web site has books and DVDs for sale about Chrismons.  I suggest you go there for the first and last word on Chrismons.