Videos I've made for your enjoyment:

What if ETs treated the world like we do?

Layered Thinking and Spirituality

Pewpets Talk about Giving Yourself
Pewpets Explain About Ascension Sunday

A sermon about dancing
Pewpets: Cat Feels Like Elijah
Under a Broom Tree

Pewpets Talk about Praying
Duck and Raccoon Talk about Ecology

Pewpets Talk about Thanking Jesus
Duck Talks to Raccoon about Worry

Why Eagle Likes Memorial Day
About Having Jesus In Your Life
Let Go And Let God!
Hippo Has a Sore Toe

You Don't Have to Be Stuck
Life After Death

The PewPets Song
Pig Tries to Light a Candle
Rhino and Bear Talk about Being Good
The Rich Man and Lazarus Parable
Human Sacrifice
Going Through Transitions
You Never Stop Learning about God

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