Ancient Cosmology of the Earth

The earth was seen as being flat with four corners (Ezekiel 7:2, Isaiah 41:9, Revelation 7:1). The earth was supported on pillars (1 Samuel 2:8, Psalms 75:3). A dome, expanse or firmament, called "heaven" or "sky", separated the waters below the earth from the waters above (Genesis 1:6-8, Exodus 20:4, Deuteronomy 5:8). The sun, moon and stars moved about in the firmament (Genesis 1:1418). The windows or floodgates of the sky could be opened to admit rain (Genesis 7:11, 8:2, Isaiah 24:18, Malachi 3:10). Sheol, the abode of the dead, was a pit under the earth (Numbers 16:31-34, Psalms 16:10, Isaiah 14:9).