Abby At the Beach

Here's our golden retriever, Abby, retrieving a stick from Lake Michigan during the month of July.  This was the 87th time she had gone after that stick!  In fact, nothing would have stopped her from going after that stick!  abby.jpg (24057 bytes)
abby2.jpg (20591 bytes) Here's another picture of Abby swimming back to shore with her frizbee.  Actually, she was very demanding.  As soon as she put the frizbee down and shook off, she would start barking until that frizbee was thrown into the lake, once again.
After chasing the frizbee 300 times Abby decided that it was time to take a rest.  The sun was warm and it felt good. abby3.jpg (41473 bytes)
sleepingabby.jpg (17746 bytes) After all that retrieving, Abby was ready for a good night's sleep back at camp.

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