Apostles Say, "Increase Our Faith"
Habakkuk 1:1-13; II Timothy 1:1-14; Luke 17:1-10

Apostles say, "Increase our faith!"
      God's servants we shall be.
With faith as small as mustard seed
      Great wonders we shall see
The Christ of love gives us the gift:
      To serve God faithfully.

Eternal Strength, increase our fatih
      When evil comes our way,
So we may know that through it all
      You'll walk with us each day.
We trust "the vision waits its time"
      And "it will not delay."

O Awesome Word, increase our faith
      That we will not feel shame
When we are called to testify
      In Jesus' holy name.
We'll guard the truth with witness, bold,
      And love shall be our aim.

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Copyright, 1990 by Paul G. Donelson