Before the Mountains Had Been Shaped
Proverbs 8:22-31; Romans 5:1-5; John 16:12-15
Before the mountains had been shaped or formed,
     Before the hils were laid,
Before our God made earth with fields and plains,
      Was Wisdom in her beauty made.
Before the dust of the world came forth,
      Before the seas with their might,
Before the universe was set in place,
      Great Wisdom was our Lord's delight.

The Spirit comes and guides us to the truth;
      This promise Jesus gave!
And she declares all things that are to come
      To tell the world that God will save.
Before the fountains of the deep,
      Before the springs, fresh and clear,
The Lord created Wisdom.  We rejoice
      To know that it is God we hear!

We listen to the Wisdom of our God;
      The Spirit we obey.
And now we know the grace in which we stand,
      Rejoicing in this hope, today.
Made wise by God in our sufferings,
      Our confidence rallies on!
God's love is poured into our joyful hearts;
      We know the victory has been won!

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Copyright, 1990 by Paul G. Donelson