Hear the Word of God

Hear the word of God, this holy day
Guiding us in all we do and say!
Let the worship of the Lord be true!
If it is these are the things we do:
Render justice! Show your kindness!
Go with mercy from the start!
Help the widow!  Love the orphan!
Keep back evil from your heart!

Praise the Lord for God has called us here
To the Gospel that we hold so dear:
By the Spirit we are sanctified!
Saved by Christ, we shall be glorified!
Stand with firmness to the teachings
And the hearing of the word.
May the Spirit love and guide us
In the lessons we have heard.

In this worship God will make us new,
Resurrect and recreate us, too!
God is Sovereign over all who live!
Let us sing for joy, devotion give!
Bless the friendships and the families
And the children as they pray!
Let this worship draw us closer
To the life of God, today!

Go forth in peace. Go forth in joy.
Go forth in love to every avenue!
This is what God is calling us to do:
Go forth in love, for this is worship, true!

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Copyright 1986 by Paul G. Donelson