Light Through Darkness Glowing Brighter
Isaiah 7:10-17; Romans 1:1-7; Matthew 1:18-25

Light through darkness glowing brighter,
Through these Advent weeks we've trod,
Candles on the altar burning
Lead us to the child of God.
Born of Mary, Son of Joseph,
Love's incarnate mystery,
Calls the world to faith united,
Children of the Diety.

Promised to the world in scripture,
Sent to us from God above,
Gives us grace to be apostles.
Let us serve this Christ of Love!
As the infant lies before us,
Ever mindful must we be:
This is Christ, the One who saves us,
Christ who died at Calvary.

Let us have the faith of Joseph,
Trusting those angelic dreams.
God is with us as a shepherd,
Leading us to quiet streams.
Let us have the faith of Mary,
That the Child may in us be.
Love is born of those who share it
To the world for all to see.

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Copyright 1988 by Paul G. Donelson