The Mountain of the House of God
Isaiah 2:1-5; Romans 13:11-14; Matthew 24:36-44

The mountain of the house of God
Shall be the focus of our laud
And all shall travel to the place
To walk the paths of Love.
Jerusalem shall send the Word
For judgment of the nations heard;
And peace shall come by heaven's grace
Sent down from God, above.

O come, O come, O come Emanuel!

Each nation shall put down the sword
And plowshares make of one accord;
Their spears will turn to pruning hooks
For war shall be no more.
The night is gone, the day is here,
We'll see the light and cast off fear;
No revelry nor drunken looks,
For Christ we shall adore.

O come, O come, O come Emmanuel!

We do not know the time or day
When heaven and earth shall pass away;
Expectantly, we serve God, still,
Like watchers in the night.
The Law through love shall be fulfilled,
We'll work to do what God has willed,
While keeping watch at every sill
To see the awesome sight.

O come, O come, O come Emmanuel!

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   Copyright 1992 by Paul G. Donelson