Supremely Reigns God's Majesty

Supremely reigns God's majesty!
     All earthly powers bow!
The image of the Unseen God
     Is with us even now!
Like David, crowned in victory
     At Hebron's mighty gate,
The Christ of God, the Chosen One,
     We duly consecrate!

We all have passed from darkness' gloom
     By God's great loving might.
Transformed, we're in the realm of Christ
     As children of the light.
Redeemed, forgiven of our sins,
     We hail our Mighty Head,
Through whom all things are given form,
     The first born of the dead.

Preiminent, our Christ shall reign
     As One who saves us all,
Who bore the cross at Calvary,
     And passed through death's dark hall.
The universe is now atoned
     By that great sacrifice.
Praise to the One who reconciles
     And gives us paradise!

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Copyright 1991 by Paul G. Donelson