The Peace of God is Given to Us All
Leviticus 19:1-2; Matthew 5:38-48
The peace of God is given to us all
Unto the rich, the poor, the great, the small;
And Christ has shown to us the way to live:
To care about the poor, our gifts to give.

When we are hurt, should we return the blow?
Our God of love, in mercy, tell us, "No."
So when we're struck we'll turn the other cheek.
An extra mile we'll walk, of Christ to speak.

To hate our foes: 'Tis logical, it seems.
But Christ has told us, "Love unto extremes!"
Our love must go to every one alive.
For in Christ's peace God wills us all to thrive.

All those who work, their wages must be paid.
The blind, the deaf, must never be unmade:
For as ourselves, our neighbors we must love!
And for this task comes strength from God above.

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Copyright, 1985 by Paul G. Donelson