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There really is much on the Internet for those of us with
an interest in worship.  I will make an attempt to keep a
fairly accurate list of links to worship pages on the net,
and will appreciate your help in notifying me of links
you are aware of that should also be listed.  Don't forget,
you can contact me by clicking here:

Also, I have written several articles geared toward United
Methodists who have questions regarding a variety of
worship concerns.  Here are my own links: 

It's Ash Wednesday
For the life of me, I can't understand why Protestant Churches are still afraid
of using ashes for Ash Wednesday Services.  Ashes ARE biblical!!!

Baptism -- From the B.E.M. Document
This is a great document to give to persons wondering about baptism,
like parents of babies, confirmation classes, etc.

The Furniture in the Chancel
The Lord's table is not a flower stand, nor a place for the Bible to rest!
The baptismal font is not the place to hide water so folks can't see it!

Eucharistic Notes
What is intinction?  Is there anything wrong with serving by tables?

Links to Worship Pages on the Internet:

Lectionary Links:

Vanderbilt Library Lectionary Project
There are some really nice graphics in this list of lectionary readings.
The readings are from the NRSV.  Check it out!

Biblical Pasages Used in Mennonite Bulletins
Each week has a theme listed for those looking for such things!

Worship Works
Holy Cow!  These folks really have it together!
There are prayers, liturgies, even some magazines you can order.

More Links Are Coming!
Remember:  I've got a job and I'm doing this on my own time!!!!

Download this Christmas Hymn!

If your computer is multi-media capable, you may be
hearing a hymn I wrote being played. You may
download the midi file of this song by clicking
HERE. You may download the manuscript, a
high resolution graphic for printing from a
graphics processor or word processor by
clicking HERE.  Do not try to print the graphic from
your browser!  It's too big to print from there!
Instead, save the picture and print it from
a graphics processor or word processor.
The words to the hymn are below: 

Only Shepherds

                      In the midst of pain and sorrow,
To this world of want and greed,
Came a King of wondrous glory,
Born of God and David's seed.
Only shepherds came to greet him,
Only wise men from afar,
Only angels sang his glory,
Only sign was shining star.

Mighty is this gracious Savior
Come with healing in his wings,
Prince of Peace and Root of Jesse,
Mighty Lord and King of kings.
Only Bethlehem, the city,
Only Mary had the babe,
Only Joseph there to help her.
Only us he came to save.

We are called to serve the Savior
Who has come to bless the earth,
So we come from every station
With the news of Jesus' birth.
Only love came down at Christmas,
Only peace, goodwill toward all,
Only joy to every person,
Only us to hear the call.


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