These ancient Christian symbols are often seen in church worship design, including Chrismons, needlepoint, embroidery, posters, wall hangings, etc.

Materials needed:

  • Glue -- such as Elmer's glue.  Hot glue from a glue gun works well, too.
  • Styrofoam sheets and balls of various sizes.
  • Gold colored beads and gold ribbon of various sizes and styles.
  • Gold colored glitter and sequins.
  • Gold and white colored wire.
  • Ornament hooks so you can hang the decorations.

Additional Materials:

  • Instead of using Styrofoam sheets, consider using 10 mm foam board, used for making posters, as it may be more durable and is easier to cut.
  • Collect clear and white plastic can covers from shortning containers and other similar cans.  These can be used in a variety of ways.  For instance, in the picture to the right, glitter was glued to a clear plastic can lid to make the iota eta sigma IIHC) appear on a transparent background.

Use your imagination!  There is no "right" way to do this!  What is most important in making these is the gathering of your friends, youth group, and fellow church members to work together on the project so that they can learn the meaning of the symbols as they are being made!  Remember -- if these decorations were purchased commercially you wouldn't have that opportunity!

Making Chrismons? -- If you are going to make Chrismons, remember that Chrismons are usually white with gold accents and sometimes gold with white accents.  Otherwise, the ornaments can be any color you wish.

Patterns for Making Them:  I do not make these available by mail.  Simply download the pictures so that they can be printed out as patterns. 


Ascension Lutheran Church, Danville, VA, holds the copyright on the word "Chrismons".  It was given to them by Mrs. Frances Spencer, who originated the concept and brought it to fruition in that church in 1957.  Please note that this web site ( is not related to the one at the Ascension Lutheran Church of Danville, VA in any way.  Their web site has books and DVDs for sale about Chrismons.  I suggest you go there for the first and last word on Chrismons.

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