Truly "X" Rated!

One of my "bear" friends!

 Free Speech YES!

Look, I would die for your right to look at dirty pictures.
But remember that with any freedom come responsibilities.
A society that forgets these responsibilities is doomed to destruction.

Want to see a real "X" picture?

I kid you not! For centuries Christians have known
that "X" was a symbol for Christ.
The Greek for "Christ" is "Xristos".
Using the first letter of the word, the early
Christians made the "X" a holy symbol.
Now that holy symbol has become desecrated by persons
referring to the "X" as they look for the unholy!

This is a most interesting "X" picture. You will notice that the X (or Chi) is the manger for the baby Jesus. The rose over the manger is Mary. The halo over the baby's head is a peacock tail, symbolizing the resurrection. "Emmanuel" means "God with us". The circles symbolize eternity.

X = Righteousness!

Take a look at Ezekiel 9!  In the vision described in that passage an angel is told to go through Jerusalem and put a mark (in those days that would have been an "X") on the foreheads of all those who are sorry about the sins of Jerusalem.  The angel does this and then returns.  After that a band of angels is told to go throughout the city and slay all those who do not bear the mark.  Hence, the "X" is a mark of repentance, hardly a mark of sin, as our society insists!

 Adam and Eve busted!

There was a guy who emailed me a while back
saying that if I didn't have a picture of anyone in the buff
I would go to blazes for having a fake x-rated web site. So, here it is!
The picture, above, is from the Sistine Chapel in the Vatican,
painted, of course, by Michelangelo.  It is titled, "The Fall of Adam and Eve."

Christ came to save us from that fall!  Now it is only up to us to believe!

One day we'll all be standing before the throne of God. What will your answer be when God asks: "How did you spend your time on the Internet?"

Jesus Surfs Too!

Remember! Jesus surfs the Internet
right along with you!

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That's Right!  HELL!!

Its better to light just
one little candle
than to curse the darkness!

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