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This is a song I wrote in the late 1970's as I was getting some extra CEUs by attending a two week workshop at Garrett Evangelical Theological Seminary on the subject of Church and Society. Among other things, in preparation, we had read The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s book, "Why We Can't Wait." During our study, United Methodist Biship Jesse DeWitt led some of our sessions and took us on a field trip into Chicago where we participated in a demonstration concerning social justice at City Hall.

When I got back to the seminary, I sat down at a piano and quickly scribbled out this song. At the end of our time together we had a chapel service where this song was nicely sung as a solo and accompanied on a piano by participants in the workshop.

Yes, this song is confrontational! You have to be careful how you use it! But, there are appropriate times when we all need to be confronted with some of the assumptions we may have held for a long time, some of which we may not have been aware, until we participate in a program such as the one we had experienced, together.
-- Paul G. Donelson

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